Saturday, December 4, 2010

I drove my car today

Doesn't that sound weird, well it is I haven't driven it for four weeks. There's nothing the matter with it, except it just sits in the garage, I'm not a shopper or need to go here there and everywhere type of person. It is a cute car, I bought it ages ago as a 50 b-day reward, it's a 1995 968 Porsche convertible, midnight blue with taupe ragtop and leather interior. Lovely car with only 45K miles on it, I should sell but there it sits. I keep saying my sister and I should do a Thelma and Louise, except for the last part in the film, we don't want to do that even although it might be quite thrilling with the top down.

Semi back to story, I purchased some lovely dishes several years ago with the intention of giving them to my daughter and son in law, however, they told me they didn't have room for anything more in their flat. At the time they lived in a really cool (no heat) San Francisco victorian, I loved it reminded me of our 1890 brick home back in Illinois, huge wooden sliding doors separating rooms, enormous ceilings with moulding and shutters. Anyway I digress, these dishes I bought in an antique shop, I loved them, translucent, plain, simple and looked absolutely wonderful. About 2 months later I see the same dishes in Martha Stewart's Living Magazine, Eva Zeisel no less. Okay the kids don't have space and they aren't really what they want, I keep.

This year I suggest they have the christmas holidays in their home, especially since they are new parents and it's so much work to load everything up and trudge up to the mountains. Well, we don't have enough dishes for everyone. Okay you want the Eva ones? Can we use everyday? Nope! We like retro like Fiesta ..... great, hence the need to drive.

I found some fabulous pottery. Fiesta, is minor I found LuRay, I found Hollywood, seriously I found wonderful pieces for a song, and no I am not sharing the place that I found a stash because I will be going back. The little gravy bowl, was 5. I looked online, please add a zero to that 5. In fact everything I bought except the fiesta stuff is from the 30's 40's and 50's. I think my daughter and son in law now have dishes for everyday use and entertaining with friends and family. I love the colours and it's retro. I love the ceramic lazy susan (made in calif)

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