Monday, May 16, 2011

Refurbished Sisters Studio

Last year we built a new 3 car garage, which left the dilapidated old house and 3 car garage just sitting. Winter this year was more harsh than normal, we lost some shrubs and damaged quite a few of the fruit trees. But the tin roof on the old garage took some serious beating, it was sagging in the middle and the garage doors wouldn't close properly. My husband was of the mind to demolish all the structures but I held fast. Lets see what it would take to repair.

And so began the project. After about 5 weeks we are well on the way to a vast improvement. The old carport is almost completely gone, the siding and trim, along with the french doors and window are installed, and the trusses will last another 30 years. Of course the whole building needs to be painted to match the main house and garage, same colours dark brown, with gray accents and white trim, and of course the purple paint here and there. Can't be too ordinary right?

I am so looking forward to working in my new art studio my head is buzzing with creativity.

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