Friday, June 3, 2011


The knowledge that Scotland, Wales, England and the whole of Ireland are considerably warmer than California and have been for weeks is not comforting. The only bright thing is that Northern California is no longer suffering from years of drought and now that the drought is over and no one, I mean no one has used their irrigation systems in their gardens since last October is a small miracle. Amazing that the water companies have now raised their rates because we are not using water, how nonsensical is that?

But back to the weather, yet again we are looking forward to another three days of chilly, cloudy dreary weather. I'm surprised my tomatoes have survived with all the hail, snow (yes snow) and stuff. Our temperatures are 30 degrees lower than normal. On the bright side the weather folk are promising the middle of next week that we should see something in the 70's. I have hope. I can dream!

The other part of the ughhhhhh, is that I sold a few paintings, that's good. However, I asked my husband to help with mailing on one of those awful tornado days, and he did, he went to the Post Office and mailed the painting in a bubble wrap envelope. I know I should have done it myself. Needless to say, the envelope which was not one of those packages with the cardboard etc. to prevent bending, was shoved in through the letterbox, causing major creases in the painting. Ruined. The customer has requested I create another painting the same as she purchased. How does one recreate a watercolour painting? I offered to refund but no. I'm not sure I can. The paper is masked off and I am procrastinating by blogging. Tick tock, tick tock .....

The breezeway is going up finally from the garage to the house so we don't get wet, I bet when we finish so will the rain. The screen clothe I bought for the vegetables is working, the hail is prevented from damaging the crops. Which leads me now my theory if I hadn't bought the shade clothe and hadn't built the breezeway our weather would be normal, and I'd have tan lines on my toes from flip flops.

One upside to being confined indoors is that I get to read and research some things. For example an interesting article about using human urine on vegetables, not sure about this one but like I said an interesting concept. I am also wading (no pun intended seriously) through Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, I have time on my hands as I mentioned.

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