Thursday, July 7, 2011

Soon it will be mid July 2011

Weather burst into a heatwave, one moment it was in the 60's and now for the last few weeks mid 90's. Good for the heirloom tomatoes, not as comfortable for the folk working on our upgrades to the compound.

The studio inside is almost completed and the painter has been toiling away to make the building match the main house and garage. The breezeway is done, and it's painted, one week we got rain the next 100 degrees, it works we don't get wet nor sunburnt from whatever Mother Nature throws at us. I do have to replant/transplant some things, but I've got until October to figure that all out.

The new Gazebo is going up in the spot that used to have an ancient carport, that was seriously on it's last legs I don't know how it stayed standing. Painter will be here tomorrow to prime the wood, but the start of the roof line is on as of today, soon more shade to putter near the raised beds, now that will be even more of a pleasure.

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