Sunday, January 13, 2013

It's cold, I mean really cold

Fire Pit is chilly
Managed to survive the norovirus and live, and managed to catch it again. Had to take my husband to the hospital for some out patient surgery last Friday and lo and behold, I have succumbed to the stuff again. Be gone virus!!!

Seems as though loads of folk are getting queasy, so I'm not alone although this is the first time I have had a stomach virus.

I broke ice on the pond this morning so that the birds could get to some water, and I also chopped veggies, apples and other miscellaneous titbits for them. The ground is extremely hard and I am sure the birds are not used to this weather any more than I am. A killing frost!!

Frozen cloche
Several weeks ago I managed to paint a painting that became a gift to Jeff Forsdick, my sister's lovely partner in crime and life. Jeff lives around the 8000' level in the middle of no where, well I suppose that's relative, it's quite isolated. Any way, we stayed with Jeff and Agnes in October along with another visitor. Jeff's place is wonderful, in fact pygmy bunnies live around his home, they are quite endangered, and was also another inspiration for a painting of bunnies and snow. So I finished the moose and the pygmy, and then thought about England, and my Dad which of course means Bluebells and his passing in May.  Which could have made me really low but then my sister at Christmas time went snow shoeing with Jeff looking for fox under the full moon at the Green River, and I thought I'd do a fox in bluebells.

All of this of course is making staying indoors less boring, which is good, but I must admit I can hardly wait for it to warm up to around 50 degrees so that I can go outside again and keep my blood flowing and my fingers don't turn white from the cold.

There's a wee moose loose in the hoose

Bluebells & Fox

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