Monday, September 8, 2014

It's June, and I should be over the moon

Good grief, it's been ages since I hung out with myself. I have so neglected my little alter-ego. Why?  Well I got sucked into the Facebook dramas, the unicorns, sunlight shinning out of one's arse looking for tomorrow. GMO, war, destruction, murder and mayhem. Combine that with Pinterest gluttony is a recipe for time sucking voids.

I threw it in on the longest day of the year, along with a personal melt down and a resolve that things must change.

I shall inhabit my life with gusto, I shall no longer ignore or ask more than once for quiet harmony in my life. I shall inhabit myself because I must to endure happiness (sounds like a horribly lovely thing, endure happiness).

Early Sunday afternoon I trolled through recipes books for canning inspiration, and came upon the neatest little recipe from a book called Small Batch Canning. I did not have many plums this year in fact, the ones I had were badly scarred from hail, well let's just say you'd not find my plums in any grocery store. They were in fact perfect. I made Asian Plum Sauce slightly modified for my gluten free lifestyle.

But before this my neighbours Kim and Mike finally relieved my art studio of my mother in law's things, like dining room table and chairs, china hutch, a chest of drawers from the 50's, and an odd assortment of other things that just jangled my nerves every time I walked into my art/creative space. Terrible how all this stuff was deposited in my creative domain. Most have gone, though I have seen some smaller items lurking. Mike is making me the most wonderful art table from aged wood we got a few years ago, and he is putting wheels on the bottom so that I can roll this beast around in my new found space. Photos will arrive soon along with his phone number if you wish to have your own awesome table.

The sink is in, not I need to thin out some more things, and I shall be set for the cooler weather in my Tin Roof bolt hole.

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